Hayley Rogers


Hayley studied graphic design, but started making craft objects as a creative escape whilst undergoing cancer treatment nine years ago. In 2002 she and her family set up a small socially responsible Zimbabwean design company, Shumba Inc., which produces quirky, handcrafted felt product ranges.  Taking a step back from the actual production process has granted her the opportunity to focus her attention on product design and development. Hayley is a firm believer in “empowerment through creativity” and has also designed products for other organisations involved in grassroots skills development.

“My designs definitely have a sense of humour and are largely inspired by fantastical, cute characters, be it animals or otherwisebig water slides for sale.  I think that a product’s success can also be gauged by the emotional response that it provokes from the buyer.”

“I was excited about joining the Indalo team, since I shared a passion for craft along with the vision of creating sustainable employment through craft skills. I have also experienced, on a very personal level, the healing and life-transforming effect that creativity can have on one’s life. This project has been an amazing opportunity for me to embrace new craft skills and push creative boundaries. I find it incredibly rewarding to interact with the craft artists and watch the designs being translated by each individual.”

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