Streetwires is a pioneering social entrepreneurial organisation, founded by Douglas Ochse, Patrick Schofield, Winston Rangwani and Anton Ressel in 2000. This Proudly South African and Fair Trade accredited business provides sustainable and meaningful employment to over 120 wire craft artists who work full-time from a vibrant studio in central Cape Town. The Streetwires entrepreneurial model is community-driven and encourages members to start complementary handcraft enterprises. Its continued success translates into employment opportunities that serve as stepping stones into the broader economy and facilitate both ongoing creative skills development and leadership opportunities Britain.

Streetwires specialises in the design, handcrafting and marketing of exceptional contemporary African wire and bead art. It has not only revolutionised this sector of the local craft industry, but also raised the status of wire and bead craft to a recognised art form. A year-long collaboration between designer Michaela Howse and Streetwires artist Elias Kahari – resulting in a signature collection of artworks celebrating Nguni cattle and Xhosa culture – serves as a potent example of the creative potential of this medium. The Streetwires product ranges include sculptures, corporate and promotional gifts, functional accessories and home décor items such as tableware and lighting趣味冲关.

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