Sharon B Designs

Sharon Boonzaier is an established designer who works in a variety of artistic disciplines. She has received particular acclaim for her innovative leather chandeliers, fashion accessories and other décor items. The Indalo Project is partnering with Sharon Boonzaier Designs to realise new sophisticated design ranges by providing her with resources to develop material samples, establishing the necessary production facilities and assisting in a marketing budget and strategy.

Sharon Boonzaier Designs collaborates with Joseph Diliza, a master papermaker, on these new ranges. “Paper and leather share certain characteristics, such as the use of raw edges, and the stitching techniques and gluing processes are quite similar. This crossover of materials and skills is very exciting and rewarding for both of us,” says Sharon. “Joseph has an incredibly high quality of craftsmanship and pride in his work. He will, in time, become an independent producing partner, with a team of people working under him.”

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