Netshomi Zam

Netshomi Zam was formed in 2006 by Riaan Hanekom (Streetwires Operations Manager) and Mike Carella. The isiXhosa name of this artists’ collective translates as ‘with my friends’ and points to the collaborative roots of the business. As a complementary and mutually beneficial enterprise within the broader Streetwires community, Netshomi Zam collaborates with Streetwires on various projects and benefits from its administrative, marketing and sales services inflatable toys for kids.

Riaan and Mike specialise in exclusive, large-scale welded steel and beaded sculptural works, as well as time-consuming private art commissions. Both founders are passionate about the natural environment and the animals from which they draw their inspiration. “We would much rather have people hanging our artworks on their walls, than killing these beautiful creatures for trophy heads”, says Riaan. Netshomi Zam has created a number of publically acclaimed artworks, including a 2,8 metre high sculpture of Nelson Mandela and extraordinary, lifelike pieces capturing the beauty of African animals.

This collective currently employs three other members and aims to expand to more sustainable income generating product ranges through Indalo. Netshomi Zam will also be joining forces with Right Mukore, a master craftsman in wood, for this project.

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