Sharon Boonzaier


Sharon Boonzaier Design collaborating with Joseph Diliza

Sharon is an established designer with a background in advertising, film and product design. She works in a wide variety of artistic disciplines ranging from illustration and painting to the design and manufacture of exclusive leather décor and fashion accessories. The Indalo Project is partnering with Sharon Boonzaier Designs by providing her with production facilities and resources to develop new material samples, as well as assisting in a marketing budget and strategy.

Sharon has received particular acclaim for her innovative leather chandeliers and is inspired by an admiration for Africa’s captivating natural forms, colours and textures: “Though I’ve worked with leather for many years, I never had formal training in it. This has probably been a blessing in disguise, since it has encouraged me to experiment with the potential of this medium and use it in a non-traditional and more sophisticated, contemporary manner. Leather doesn’t fray and the natural characteristics of the raw edges can be quite beautiful – this gives me a certain type of freedom in the design. I’ve always been drawn to cutting out shapes, and find the negative spaces formed by looking through an object intriguing.”

“I was blown away by the invitation to be part of the Indalo Project. It has not only allowed me to push my own design and managerial skills, but also to give something back. I believe that the skills I’ve learned have been a great gift and blessing, and it’s very important to me that I share those skills and pass them on. Working with craft organisations and empowering individuals is part of that process of giving back.”

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